HardBritLads – Robbie Turner

Laying back on the couch in sports kit, cute young 18 year old Robbie Turner chats first, telling us exactly what type of guy that he goes for. Following the interview, he starts groping himself. Robbie lifts his top to reveal a slender, smooth, defined chest, with little abs. He strokes his nipples a bit, then takes off his top. He squeezes his bulge then pulls down his shorts and rubs, leaving him in his see thru panties. You can almost see his cock through them! He strokes his cock some more thru the cloth of his undies, then takes them off. Robbie has a 7″ uncut dick and plays with it slowly, giving us cute little appearances. We have some wonderful close ups and point with a bit of foreskin action. As he plays with his penis, Robbie strokes his hole, and reaches with his hand between his legs. He pulls up a leg and pushes a finger. He holds it there, then slowly slides his finger in and out, working his hole. We have some wonderful close ups, and Robbie pushes in two hands. He keeps it slow, but compels them in deep, providing that young hole a fantastic workout. Robbie goes back to jerking off and his dick is so hard its throbbing. He shows it off to the camera, giving us some close ups that are horny, and after that he speeds up. As Robbie gets closer to orgasm, his six pack tightens and his breathing gets heavier and louder. Moments later, he shoots. Strong jets of spunk squirt all the way up his body to his chest. And he just keeps on cumming, pumping out more hot jizz. Robbie catches his breath, taking a look at the camera for a little appearance as he squeezes out the last drops of cum, dribbling down over his cock and fingers today.

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