HardBritLads – Timmy Treasure

Tall, dark, handsome lad, Timmy Treasure begins off in glossy blue sports vest, shorts and football socks. He strokes his crotch then lifts his shirt to reveal a smooth, slim, defined body. He takes off his top, and plays with his nipples before continuing to rub and squeeze the bulge in his shorts. Wearing no underwear, Timmy’s cock is visible as it strains against the cloth of his shiny shorts. As he plays it, we’ve got a very sexy low angle shooter and you’ll be able to see right up through the leg of his shorts. Timmy pulls the shorts down, and his rock hard dick springs out. Timmy wanks gradually, providing us a horny close up of his uncut meat since he slides the foreskin back and forth over the head of his dick. He works it nice and slow, giving it a tight squeeze, working up some juicy precum, which he rubs into the cockhead. Really sexy! Timmy pulls down his shorts, leaving him wearing only footie socks. He continues to play with his dick and we receive a very sexy low angle shot as he massages the very top of his cock with the palm of his hands. He then takes off his hand to play with his nipples, providing us some hands free shots. Timmy is on the sofa now, legs apart, holding his dick up. He takes his time, sliding his foreskin back and forth. He then pulls his legs back to reveal his hole. He pulls his butt cheeks apart and gently rubs his hole, probing with his fingertip. He pushes his cock between his legs, giving us this kind of sexy perspective! Timmy pushes his fingertip into his hole and works it for a bit, jerkings off gradually, as his breathing gets deeper and thicker as he gets more and more turned on. Aching to cum, Timmy jerks off harder. His muscles tighten as he speeds up. Moments later, his cock spurts solid jets of jizz, all of the way up into his chest. It splatters on his tight abs while the remainder runs down between his pecs to his six pack. As he squeezes out the last couple of drops, Timmy catches his breath and gives us a final alluring look.

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