Helix – The Power of 3 – Caleb Gray, Adam Hunt and Bryce Foster

Caleb grey and Adam Hunt are spending a relaxing day at the Helix mansion whenever they realize no one is dwelling with the exception of sexy new resident Bryce Foster. The twinktastic two-some dip in to Bryce’s bedroom and then move, giving Foster a complete welcum wagon wang suckathon! Adam and Caleb prove two penis hungry mouths are much better than one if they work in tandem to tantalize Bryce’therefore enormous boner. Subsequent to the mouthwatering hog hazing everyone tosses off their clothes having wild abandon and a Twister like match of groin gulping has got moving. Every thick dick is downed before our welcome wagon comprehends its time for Bryce to cover the piper. They both moan Foster so he could return the fellatio prefer two fold. Foster’s fanny is feeling left out and Adam is significantly more than prepared to give him a girthy wish. Hunt hammers his huge bareback hog deep in his fellow blonde while Bryce gets his penis sucker busy blowing Caleb’s boner. Gray’s gorgeous stone hard butt is hungering for a taste of Bryce’therefore booty. Foster gets on his back spread eagle so Caleb will cock his ravenous caboose while Adam wets his appetite up shirt. Gray gives Adam a offer he could’t even deny in the form of a raunchy pole. He hops on and bounces like a boy rabbit, blowing Bryce and kissing Caleb over the way. The sizzling threesome up the ante here, swapping spit, schlongs and penis flavored kisses which makes sure no twink is abandoned unTURNT! Finally Caleb’s may gets a corking by Adam’s ample appendage while Foster fills his mug with meat. Gray glazes over, tilts his head back into utter bliss then cranks a mad number of cum from his cock, nailing himself at the neck and also tight tight twinkie six pack. Bryce’s bone is adjacent to bust. He blows his wad in grey’s meaty mouth before Hunt’s hammer heaves buckets of liquid blonde boy onto Caleb’s spent schlong. He squeezes out every last drop before both blonds decend onto the cum covered brunette for a sticky great kiss.

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