HotHouse – Dark Matter – Johnny V & Chris Bines

innocent and innocent Johnny V is mystical because he moves in his white jock at the shadow when hedonistic Chris Bines comes up behind him and begins turning down the stud with lots of licking and licking all over his torso. Chris works his way round to the front, as the corruption narrative continues. Johnny unleashes and is the first to give to his desires Chris’ cock before wrap his full pink lips around the shaft. Johnny works balls knowing that his mouth is currently supplying the pleasure for Chris and every inch of their hairy dick. The more Johnny sucks on dick, the harder his own grows. He wishes to lend a hand if Chris sees Johnny’s dick straining against the fabric of his jock strap. Chris falls to his knees to suck off Johnny and yields the favor that is sucking. Chris needs to take it and bends the stud over to lick at his throbbing hole. Johnny loves every flick of Chris’ tongue and soon he’s begging for more than just a face buried in his ass. Chris slides his thick pole all the way into the tight asshole of Johnny and hears Johnny clear and loud. Chris pounds the muscle tough from ecstasy. Johnny begs for Chris to go harder and heavier and just when Chris hits at the ideal place, Johnny sprays a huge load all over the floor. When Chris sees that he’s done his job with satisfying the hunk, he pulls out and slathers Johnny’s back with a load of cream.

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