HotHouse – Private Practice – JJ Knight & Ace Era

j j Knight are currently at Dr. Ace period’s place of work to get a routine physical. The sensual chemistry between the 2 becomes more evident as their attention contact intensifies while the hunky doctor performs his check up. When Doctor Ace has j j lie back to the desk, the document is in for a shock when j j’s boner pops from his pants. Ace does an extensive check of j j’licks their out prick out of his scrubs and soon s full sack as he has to work sucking on the stud’s rod. Ace lets all of the doctor/patient guidelines fly out the window when the patient turns into the aggressor. The doctor is bent by J j and slips off his big dick in Ace & rsquo;s receptive, throbbing ass hole. JJ rolls him up and needs to see just a little more a health care provider can take to get yourself a recoil. Ace’s gap feels fantastic wrapped around his penis and the more he moves, the closer he extends to giving a doctor a close-up sperm fertility. When Ace sees that J-J is all about to blow off, he opens his mouth wide and receives under the hunky stud on his knees. JJ blows a geyser of semen into the document’s mouth so when his mouth is full, a doctor blows off his or her own load all over the floor and onto his scrubs. Even though j j is totally healthy, the document determines he’s going to want a followup appointment.

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