HotHouse – Skuff – Dog House – Gabriel Cross, Michael Roman & Jake Ashford

Poor Gabriel Cross is only attempting to deliver the mail without a hassle like every other mailman. This isn’t his day at the ‘Skuff: Dog House’ and he understands that if he dallies, he’s going to be the primary attraction for Michael Roman and Jake Ashford. Sure as can be, Gabriel takes at the mailbox along with his fears become a reality as Michael and Jake run out into their puppy gear and wrestle Gabriel. After a long reception with loads of a few growls and barks, the men get Gabriel out of his uniform. Gabriel sucks both pups off to get them nice and hard and submits to the pleasure. Michael takes the lead and shows the guys how it’as he humps the hell out of the 24, s done. A 3 way fuck frenzy happens following: Jake fucks Gabriel, Gabriel fucks Michael and Jake pounds them both. With Gabriel and Jake’s holes used for all their pleasures, each stud receives the release he desires.The happy puppy pile turns out to be an awesome break in the day for the neighborhood mailman and he’ll get to finish his route with a spring in his step and some cum in his belly!

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