Kristen Bjorn – Man To Man – Xavi Garcia & Teddy Torres

Xavi Garcia is looking for someone a bit more enjoy turns and himself to the Burly Bear app and finds Teddy Torres. Teddy heads over and finds that his pics within the app are not so a whole lot more compared to Xavi. Both muscle grizzlies are attracted together and begin to expose their furry friend bodies. Both men unleash the appeal cocks as well as their meaty continues to create. Xavi drops to his knees and also immediately devours Teddy’s fat penis all the solution to his base. Since Xavi will work his way up and down the shaft of rsquo & Teddy;s prick, Teddy’s head roles from side to side because his eyes roll backwards into absolute joy. Teddy finds herself turned on that he’s to find a preference of Xavi’s sexy cock. He drops down and pierces his throat and mouth with all rsquo & Xavi;s penis. Teddy goes sucking and bringing joy to rsquo & Xavi and utilizes his mouth as a fuck machine. After turning back and on with all the intense cock sucking and nipple joy Teddy spreads Xavi & rsquo; s delves deep into the abyss of fur and then buttocks open and then commences fucking Xavi using his tongue. Teddy works with his tongue that is sexy and the ass, out of your pink hole crack down to Xavi’s easy balls and succulent cock. Xavi’s butt is alluring, dripping with spit and also primed for action because Teddy stands up and rams his prick that is uncooked to the fullest extent deep interior of Xavi. Teddy adores the impression of both men’s fur merging together since the fucking intensifies. Xavi understands that just before he gets too near cuming, he’s to put in on all of the action. Teddy is switched onto his aspect and also Xavi comes in from pumps and behind Teddy’s butt full of raw penis. Xavi will get flipped to the border and outside him on his rear along with Teddy rides. Enjoy and Xavi admires the guy that is so robust, strong and looks up, tender himself a sexual monster. As Teddy continues to pummel his bum together with that respect for Teddy, Xavi sucks his load of cum. Teddy whips his cock out and addresses Xavi & rsquo as Xavi & rsquo; s butt muscle groups start to loosen their traction;s ass with his load of cum. His penis slides back interior of Xavi as well as also the circle of joy is equally entire.

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