KristenBjorn – Casting Couch #385 – Alex Berg & Gabriel Lunna

Do you really understand what the building crew do when working in your home, now Alex Berg and Gabriel Lunna show us exactly what happens when you leave them alone? Alex is the newcomer and Gabriel feels that now is the time to initiate him into the company. While up on the ladder Gabriel reveals Alex, what needs the most attention on this job, his hard cock. Alex stuffs that hot cock down his throat and gives Gabriel the thrill of a lifetime. After a thorough cock sucking, Alex wraps his naked chest in the plastic sheeting and stimulates himself with a few erotic asphyxiation. Gabriel slides Alex out from under the sheeting and devours his straining hard cock. Alex takes full advantage of Gabriel’s skills and pumps his cock hard and deep into his awaiting mouth. Gabriel stands up, turns around, bends over and opens his raw ass for Alex. Alex plunges his steel rod up Gabriel’s hungry ass and starts to power fuck him hard. Gabriel flips Alex and Alex winds up on his back with his legs spread and Gabriel rams his raw cock inside the muscle guy’s hairy ass. Gabriel’s fucking has taken both men to the point of supreme pleasure and takes Alex’s cock in his hand and strokes his hot load of cum. Gabriel continues his fucking until his own cock erupts a voluminous amount of thick cum which drenches Alex’s hairy balls then slides his cum slicked cock back inside of Alex. Construction can be a very rewarding career choice.

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