KristenBjorn – Fuck Buddies – Jake Cook & Apolo Fire

Jake Cook along with Apolo Fire are hooking up for a while now, so that they now consider themselves fuck buddies. Jake and Apolo have installed today and instantly know what the other wants and wants. As the people strip, their lips and hands start to research just one another. Their cocks are standing in full attention and Apolo may be the first to wrap his lips round Jake’so prick and also masterfully suck on it. Apolo knows how Jake enjoys his cock sucked and he consistently makes every effort to give him something somewhat special whenever they meet up. Jake is too hungry to wait no more and gorges himself on Apolo’s penis that is lengthy. After going back and forth with their cock sucking on Apolo turns out Jake around and instantly starts lickingsuck and moan Jake’s ass along with his tongue and mouth. After an acceptable amount of buttocks eating Apolo is prepared to probe Jake’s smooth, pink ass with his massive cock. Lunging forward Apolo’s cock lands deep interior Jake. Jake knows that massive mind has penetrated him that the remainder is absolute pleasure. Apolo enjoys to go back and forth between fucking and eating ass reveling in the taste in their fuck juices and also that just stimulates his cock that far more. Jake can sense that it is time since he flips Apolo onto his back and rams his hard prick deep in his fuck buddies hungry hole. The beauty of having a fuck friend is that they already know exactly what your pleasure points are and when to push them. Jake can feel Apolo’s cum beginning to boil and so he picks up his pace and begins an onslaught of fucking fun. Sure, enough it is what Apolo wants as his cock participates with streams of cum. Jake will not let up until he whips his cock out and ointments Apolo’s balls and cock with his thick load of cum. Jake slides his cum coated cock back to Apolo’s bum so he includes something to take home along with him.

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