KristenBjorn – Juicy – Jose Quevedo & Tonny Scott

Having a rich abundance of fruits placed before them, Tonny Scott and Jose Quevedo give way their wildest and juiciest dream. While they gratify and protect their own bodies with the juices of all their fruits, Jose runs his hard prick up the amount of the mature papaya forcing the seeds into burst forth. When his cock jumps from the papaya, Tonny can there be to suck and savor the abundance of the juice onto his penis. Tonny squeezes the juice from an orange on his penis to Jose to taste the sour orange flavor with the sweet buds of his cock. The banana is definitely a fruit of sexual selection and Tonny starts to pry Jose’so bum open with the bright yellow fruit. With nearly all the banana interior of Jose, Tonny awakens in and peals the other end and starts eating until he reaches the candy taste of Jose’therefore pink pucker hole. Tonny employs the soft masticated banana to meld the flavors of sweet and banana ass together as he melts away at Jose’therefore furry ass. With the combination of banana and spit from Tonny’s tongue lunges his cock forwards and deep to Jose’s fruit flavored ass. Jose flips Tonny on his back onto the desk and pushes his raw cock right into his smooth, muscular ass. Since Jose fucks Tonny, he pulls out his cock and it’s hard to distinguish between your juice of the fruit and the juice of Jose’s prick that drips from Tonny’s ass. The fruit is as much part with this sexual encounter as might be the bodily connections with Jose and Tonny. With each new location a fresh object of fruit is shared. Tonny is currently sitting astride Jose as they share their deep enthusiastic fucking combined with ruby red strawberry. Tonny has obtained control by thrusting his ass down and up Jose’s hot glazed cock while stroking his own in tandem. The tantalizing fresh juice along with Tonny’therefore muscle ass have taken Jose within the edge of joy as he erupts his fresh, juicy load of cum across the exterior and interior of Tonny’s hot ass. Just as Tonny lowers his ass full depth on Jose’s penis he pumps his own thick, creamy load of cum on Jose’therefore chest.

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