KristenBjorn – Players – Gabriel Lunna & Sergio Moreno

Sergio Moreno and Gabriel Lunna are having a terrific holiday at the sunny beach resort. Gabriel and Sergio return to their room all worked up from seeing all of the hot guys on the nude beach. They immediately drop their shorts and start exploring their smooth, muscular bodies and throbbing, thick cocks. Sergio drops to his knees and immediately consumes Gabriel’s cock, balls deep. Those full, luscious lips of Sergio’s wrap round Gabriel’s cock and suck him deep inside of his hungry throat. Sergio then stands on the seat and Gabriel shows him that he also knows how to suck cock all the way down his throat also. Taking Gabriel’s head into his hands, Sergio pushes Gabriel up and down his rock-hard penis shaft. Gabriel moves onto all fours on the table and Sergio applies his lips into his perfect pink hole. Sergio’s tongue probes in and out and fills Gabriel with pure pleasure. The guys move to the bedroom and Gabriel plunges his raw cock through the iron bed rails and deep into Sergio’s awaiting ass. Gabriel pumps his cock in and out of Sergio’s hot hole as Sergio’s balls draw up tight, preparing to unload. Flipping Gabriel onto his back to the bed, Sergio rams his cock full depth into Gabriel’s bare ass. With every thrust of Sergio’s hips, his cock delves deeper and deeper into Gabriel’s ass and his cock responds with being on the verge of explosion. Sergio picks up the speed and Gabriel is left with no choice but to let his hot load of cum fly. As the cum floods from Gabriel’s cock, Sergio picks up his rhythm and his cock springs from Gabriel and his huge load of cum coats Gabriel’s ripped abs, spent balls and drenched ass. Sergio slowly slides his cum soaked cock straight back into Gabriel’s ass then leans in and starts to lick his cum from Gabriel’s thighs and suck his cum from Gabriel’s ass. Sergio’s felching skills reward him with his own hot load of cum.

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