MenOver30 – Chris Harder & Lex Ryan – What a Mess!

Chris was out of work for months now and he’s becoming a lazy man. The area is a wreck with food and clothes throughout the spot. His boy friend Lex has home and he moans now that he hasn’t even transferred not to mention clean up a dam item. Chris wants to head to Paris but Lex does not understand how that will happen unless he finds a project. Lex Consoles Chris and they begin to kiss. Enough Chris is currently worshipping Lex’s big tasty cock and gagging about it. Lex face fucks Chris balls-deep possibly taking some irritation on him out to be lazy. Lex flips over Chris to reveal his eager buttocks and then he starts to get it ready by employing some fingers to loosen this up and licking at on on it. Chris is ready and he sets his ass upward as Lex pushes against his cock in his buttocks. Once balls they begin to fuck passionately like any couple at-times Lex takes out his anger having hard thrusts revealing Chris that the bread winner is. Lex continues to fuck Chris’s tight buttocks until he explodes all over himself with cum which sticks in his torso. Lex strokes his dick until he pushes out his balls throughout Chris’s already cum chest and sees all cum. Enjoy!

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