NakedSword – Brayden Forrester & Tate Ryder – Truck Episode 3

It pays to know your regulars. Even if you’ve just met them. Tate Ryder’s on holiday from Australia, and the muscle buck has made Truck his home away. Luckily, in this latest episode of NakedSword original series Truck, bartender Brayden Forrester has been taking good care of him. Tate’s been making eyes all week — but it isn’t until the last day that he decides to give Brayden his tip. That night, when Truck closes down, Tate jumps on the bar to serve up his own stiff cocktail — and now Brayden’s the eager customer. Who needs a bed when you’ve got a bar? Tate pounds Brayden hard — until both boys burst like a pair of ripe limes. At Truck, it’s just another satisfied customer! (And a pretty satisfied bartender, too.)

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