NakedSword – Loving Brent Corrigan part 1 with JJ Knight

A person is not more handsome than if he is adored. That partly explains why neither Brent Corrigan nor JJ Knight have not just looked so sexy, but been sexy. It’s partly what stems from within these lively, sexy guys. But more so, the magic created when complete became sexier than the sum of thier components. And what components they are.Today, NakedSword Originals present the first of two exclusive and very romantic parts ofldquo;Loving Brent Corrigan”.
“You now’s no better way to begin your day than having Brent Corrigan roll up and tell you good morning then move back on your massive cock. It’s just a tease before he jumps in the shower in which you wash his spine then go make your man breakfast. Later it’s off into the bare beach where Brent awakens in the ocean then blows off a load from you under the hot blazing sun! Mmmm he adores the flavor of your load! Along with your day is half …” Today we don’t need to imagine the view JJ wakes to every day. What a lucky, lucky man. Actually, they are both blessed guys. Who else receives a moon shot similar to this on a sunny day at the beach? Having sex is exactly what Brent and JJ perform with other people on the set. When it’s just the both of these, lust and love intersect at the most gorgeous ways. Can there be anything more delicious than those two? Brent seems to have found one thing which is … and tasty to the final heavy, white drop.

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