NakedSword – Loving Brent Corrigan part 2 with JJ Knight

For the very first time outside their camera shows, “Loving Brent Corrigan” from NakedSword Originals shows the bare fabled cock along with worldclass ass in a romantic look at how things was.
The moment it happens on Twitter, it becomes news whether I want it not.
While some of those tweets have been deleted, it’d appear that thankfully later sought outside the window on Christmas Eve for both Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight.
Navigating a relationship can be difficult, span. When your day is having sex with different people and also you share your life on social media, all the more so. It’s miserable when any coupling becomes more uncoupled. Whatever happiness means for Brent and JJ, I expect they think it is.
Matters weren’t always this way. Brent and JJ ended up homosexual porn’s power couple having an familiarity the envy of many. Anything came between these, we might not ever understand. On webcam and in their personal existence, what came between these wasn’t a condom.
We were only available in “Loving Brent Corrigan 1” last week. It was a POV look at a day in the life Brent Corrigan told by JJ’s eyes. And Brent’s mouth watering.
Now in “Loving Brent Corrigan 2”, the actions heads south with a bare back fuck that no studio had filmed. Until NakedSword Originals captured that instant and brings us today.
“training with Brent Corrigan is much hotter than you imagined when he strips naked puts downtime weights to present your penis some attention. When he suggests you head out to the pool for a swim you accompany so you are able to admire his muscular physique while he dries off. Unable to ignore your bulging swimsuit Brent moves down in your giant penis plus leaves you hard like a rock and that means you can fuck his tight hole until you blow thick heaps. There’s no better way to spend every daily life Loving Brent Corrigan! ”

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