NakedSword – Truck Episode 2 – Conner Habib & Mitch Vaughn

Even on a slow night, Truck has a way of upping your game. In the second episode of NakedSword’s new series Truck, Conner Habib and Mitch Vaughn play some beer pong ó and more than balls end up bouncing.

When the bartender goes back to count the cash, the play gets aggressive ó beer is spilled, soda is squirted and soon the boys look for something a little more athletic to do. After wrestling each other to the ground, Conner throws back Mitch’s cock without a chaser and Mitch returns the favor.

He rims Conner like a margarita, then fucks him on the bar until he shoots like cheap champagne. And before the bartender can announce last call, Conner downs Mitch’s full load. Thank God: because there’s not much that will get you 86′d from Truck ó but getting cum on the bar is one of them.

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