NextDoorOriginals – Markie More & Leo Luckett – Protein Loaded

As Leo Luckett makes his way into the kitchen to get a pre-workout meal, he finds step-brother Markie More already enjoying a wonderful protein shake. Markie he also could use a protein boost is told by Leo, and Markie gets a look on his face, telling Leo. Leo smiles, telling Markie that is exactly what he’s talking about, and Markie grabs Leo and lifts him up in which Markie starts to suck him off. As his penis swells up nice and hard, Leo proves his eagerness, and he gets an early snack when Markie, in turn, feeds him his cock. Leo feasts on it, works the shaft and devouring Markie’s dick and taking it all of the way down since he slobs all over the head. Leo is ready for the primary course, as Markie plows him from behind and bends him over. They fuck all over the kitchen as Markie proceeds to break Leo in half with his bareback dicking, before losing his load around Leo’s freshly fucked hole fucking the cum from Leo. And now that both men have had they could get on with the heavy lifting of the day.Enjoy’s rest!

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