NextDoorRaw – Beach Buddies – Markie More & Sir Jet

As Sir Jet has a jog on the shore, he happens across older friend Markie More. Markie asks Jet what he’s doing in the town, and Jet tells him he’s just bumming around. Markie tells him he’s got space at his place if Jet wants to sleep on the couch. Jet is fine for this arrangement, but as soon as they get back to Markie’s place, it becomes obvious that Markie does not have any intention of letting Jet sleep on the sofa. Marvelling at how improved he has become, Markie runs down his hands Jet’s arms and torso, and yanking him into the bedroom. He gets his way down Jet’s body and finds Jet tough as a rock. Markie decides to look after his older friend, sucking off him as Jet closes his eyes loves every second of it. He returns the favor and Markie’s difficult on is strong enough to cut diamonds therefore Jet bends and tells Markie to visit town. Markie slides his cock deep inside Jet’s familar hole, and proceeds to fuck him hard, just like in the old times. Jet takes Markie’s penis willingly, stroking himself as Markie thrusts and lunges. Markie fucks the cum from his old friend then follows up by yanking out and hammering his load around Jet’s hole, as the both of them laugh and reminisce deep into the night.Enjoy!

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