NextDoorRaw – Dante Martin & David Strong – Places to Fuck

Walking through the parking garage on the way up to his flat, Dante Martin thinks he sees what appears to be a man struggling in his car, perhaps having some kind of medical issue. As he approaches the car, it turns out that the man inside is merely jacking himself off, but he stops suddenly when he turns and sees Dante. Dante runs off up to his building and frantically panics. The man exits his car and follows just a couple moments behind. When Dante makes it to his flat he thinks he’s in the clear but a quick knock on the door lets him know he will have to face this. When he opens the door, David Strong apologizes and explains that his place is overcrowded and he never has any private time. Dante tells him it’s no big deal and apologizes. Then, with his guts steadied, Dante suggests that perhaps David would like to come inside. David jumps at the opportunity and quickly he and Dante make their way back to the bedroom. Once there, Dante showers David with attention, undressing him and placing his sculpted body back on the bed. Dante then proceeds to give David the best head he’s had in quite some time. David, already horny as hell, returns the favor before turning Dante over. Together with Dante’s hole staring up at him, David dives face first, tongue fucking him and getting him nice and moist for David’s cock. He stands and plunges it deep into Dante’s waiting hole, fucking him hard from behind as he catches Dante from the waist. Dante catches the bedspread and holds on as David picks up his pace, fucking rapidly as Dante backs his ass up against David’s cock.David gets his fill then gives Dante a chance to receive his, laying down as Dante pushes his hard dick inside. Dante would have never guessed that David liked to take it raw, but David eats it up, moaning in pleasure as Dante functions and grinds on his hole. David strokes his cock like he had been in his car since Dante fills him up with sexy dick, and even though he’s close, he wants one more crack at Dante’s crack before he spits his load, so he stands Dante up and fucks him against the wall, perching Dante’s ass high and giving him a few good thrusts before pulling out and blasting Dante’s back with his hot jizz. He rubs his cock against Dante’s ass as Dante strokes himself dry, spitting his load on the floor as David pulls him close. Dante tells him now he’s at least got one spot to fuck.Enjoy!

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