NextDoorRaw – Logan Cross & Connor Halsted – Homeless Breeding

Concerning a block from his property, Connor Halsted notices a fine article of bum walking on the face of the road, and when he quits, Logan Cross proves to be too great to be genuine. Adorable as freshly and ever naive, Logan is currently with out a place to crash, on accounts of the parents kicking him out. Connor invitations Logan after that and back into his area, he informs. Ripping his clothes off, Connor bends Logan over and instantly begins to tongue his bum, plunging it deep to Logan’s hole while he jerks himself challenging. Logan is appreciating but he lusts for the cock of Connor, begging for him to fuck his hairy bum. Connor is inclined, committing him a profound dicking from behind and also dangling him. Logan proves able and worthy since he chooses every inch, also flipping Connor over and accepting control, riding him til Connor is ready to burst. Throwing Logan onto the floor, Connor fucks the cum out of Logan prior to breeding his hole with his seed, then since he shoves his rock hard prick backwards in nutting around Logan. Love!

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