NextDoorRaw – Love in the Raw – Lance Ford, Leo Luckett, Charlie Pattinson

Out for a holiday drive, Leo Luckett and Lance Ford put a wanderer on the side of this road. Leo thinks nothing of it but Lance has noticed the man walking across town to get a few days today, and even despite his darkened look, Lance thinks he and Leo can help the man get back on his feet. Charlie Pattinson is more than gracious to their own help, and he is as if he’s struck on the lottery, once the two of these put him up within their guest home. However, Charlie’s luck has just started. Within the span of the following day or two, ” he learns that Leo and Lance have a open affair, and he begins to question if there isn’t something to such a lifestyle. If Lance catches him spying on him throughout the window, Charlie is invited by him inside plus they talk around the discipline about Charlie feelings. Lance tells him he’ll never understand exactly what it is like if it never tries, as Leo makes his way down the staircase. Charlie thinks about any of it and decides today is your time for him to participate his fantasies, and that Leo and Lance would be the perfect pairs to show him the principles. What follows will be.

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