NextDoorRaw – Scotty Zee, Michael Del Ray, Dakota Young – Double Load Resort

As they arrive at their weekend resort, Dakota Young hopes that the atmosphere will help boyfriend Scotty Zee to loosen up a little and have some fun, and when he sees fellow guest Michael Del Ray sunning himself right outside their door, Dakota begins to work a strategy to make it happen. As Michael works on his tan, opening the blinds, Dakota begins to suck off Scotty confident that Michael is spying through the door. Scotty mentions the guy in the window staring and Dakota tells him to lighten up, making his way over to the door to let Michael in. He joins them, cock already at half mast, and Dakota and Scotty proceed to service him, off his boy body that is straight and sucking him off. Michael is hung like a boa constrictor, and Dakota is anxious to take him for a test drive, so he lets Michael have his way with him and put on his back. Scotty doesn’t want to feel left out so the two of them take turns as Scotty pulls out fucking the cum from him fucking Dakota’s raw hole and coats him. Michael tells Scotty he would like to do the same, so Scotty moves aside as Michael goes for the gusto, fucking Dakota hard before hammering him with yet another load, before slipping his throbbing cock back inside a freshly fucked Dakota, who’s now drenched in cum, just as he planned in the first place.Enjoy!

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