RopedStuds – Leo Edwards part 2

Jared must be a fantastic coach, due to the fact he has his virginal, teen football boy sucking on penis as a specialist. Young Leo not needed a cock in his mouth but he’ll do anything because of his mentor. Immediately after 69ing together with the boy for a while, getting his stones off, then Jared gets down to business, revealing his boy just how exactly to make use of a handheld cock pump, then 1st on his penis, then onto the boy’s. stunning Leo does everything his coach needs, saying “sure, sir” to every petition. Coach Jared orders Leo to make him cum — or he’ hell be kicked off the crew or even reduce his college scholarship. Maybe Leo’s “attention” isn’t even as amusing because it seems. And soon, in upcoming events, the expense will be much bigger, far more kinky, plus even more painful.

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