RS – Instinct Scene 1 – Jake Deckard and Tamas Eszterhazy

In a black room with bare industrial furnishings, Raging Stallion Studios Man of the Year and GayVN Performer of the Year nominee Jake Deckard lays flat on his rear since exclusive Tamas Eszterhazy crawls his body up to fulfill his lips. You start with a kiss, this scenes moves quickly from to passionate as these two specimens that are manly explore each other’s rougher side. Jake tug on his nipples with his teeth lets Tamas to worship him, and slowly work his way down to the boots of Jake past his jeans. While Jake pushes his boot against Tamas’s leather-bound balls and cock the intensity builds slowly. Tamas loves this protest of aggression but is excited to meet with his mouth. With his teeth, Jake’s belt loosens and scattering Jake’s massive dick. The oral act is a precursor, a hot up for Jake who’s so on shoving his dick up Tamas’s throbbing ass. Jake Tamas a bottom and is an excellent shirt and this scene shows the talents of both men off. Fucking style and reverse squirrels, every inch of Jake’s dick matches Tamas. Since these boys turn around so that Jake could drill Tamas in and out from above but two places are only a start. To complete, Tamas lays a way, inducing Tamas to shoot a load while he is being fucked by Jake. He’s immediately followed by Jake blowing his load, even doubling the cum that covers Tamas’s torso.

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