RS – Instinct Scene 7 – Dirk Jager and Luc Bonay

Dirk returns, this time with muscle stud Luc Bonay. Dirk starts everything off aggressively, shoving and punching Luc in the chest. Quickly, Dirk forces Luc into his armpit with a headlock-type move and then pushes him to his knees. Luc works Dirk’s big dick in and out of his mouth with pleasure, Dirk’s meat pounding against the back of Luc’s throat. With Luc working his dick, Dirk bends over and begins to play with Luc’s ass, getting it ready for a hot fuck. Dirk spreads Luc’s hole with his finger, spits into it from above, and slaps it over and over. With Luc face down, Dirk enters from behind, pushing his big cock deep into Luc’s butt. Dirk fucks fast and hard, giving Luc what he wants and taking what he can get. Dirk’s firm pecs tighten as he punch-fucks Luc’s hole with his cock. When it’s time to cum, Dirk lays Luc out across the bench and shoves his dick down his throat one more time. The smell and taste of Dirk’s dick drives Luc over the edge and he explodes. Dirk is soon to follow, covering Luc’s face with cum.

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