RS – Trapped – Seth Santoro & Ryan Finch

Tegan Zayne heads north to the weekend to collect his thoughts and to sort his life out. That he finds himself at a less than perfect situation with a local stud who takes advantage of his distraught frame of 29, after stopping in at a watering hole. Tegan kidnapped and is drugged right outside the pub in daylight. Meanwhile, within the pub, Seth Santoro and Ryan Finch have their cocks out from the pool desk. They make out difficult before the studs worship each other’s musky pits and bulging muscles with loads of spitting to move around, licking and licking and jack their sticks. Seth caves to his penis huger and gets on his knees to take Ryan’s throbbing dick down his throat. Seth has Ryan as hard as he could get as he deepthroats and gags about the ripped jock’s cock and is eager to please. His buddy bends over the pool table to lick at his tight hole after sucking on Ryan. Ryan yells out and enjoys Seth’s tongue since he begs Seth to go deeper. Seth needs some ass action and mounts up to ride the face of his buddy. Seth rubs his furry friend asshole all over Ryan’s hungry mouth and shoves his cock down his throat to face Ryan balls. Each of the ass eating has Ryan ready to blow and Seth leans over to lick the large load of Ryan up. The flavor of Ryan on his tongue puts Seth over the border and that he drains his sack over the panting face of Ryan. Ryan and Seth are happy, when he wakes up on Monday morning in a bed in the midst of nowhere, but Tegan on the other hand, is in a world of hurt. It’s time for Tegan.

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