Staxus – Police Action – Johnathan Strake, Rudy Stone

If Staxus failed courier service deliveries, the outcome would almost certainly be SexFed – a very specialist door-to-door service that ships sexy young twinks out to horned-up clients who have a craving for a real-life sexual plaything. It’s pure fantasy, of course, brought to life brilliantly here by kinky doctor, Ezra Gibson, who tells the tale of Rudy Stone taking delivery of a. Unwilling to allow the precious cargo to offer the client with any disruptive behaviour on arrival, the medic thoughtfully guarantees his client’s best satisfaction by providing the goods bound and gagged – something that Stone takes full advantage of, immediately bundling the twink within the wooden casing so that he can take aim at Strake’s unprotected arse. Indeed, it’s barely more than just a few moments before the happy client is burying his dick deep into the young twink’s guts – the sticky tape over Strake’s mouth ensuring that any vocal disturbance is kept to a minimum. As it turns out, however, the delightful bundle of twink pleasure proves to be far more receptive to Stone’s attentions than you may think; for having finally had his gag and straightjacket eliminated, Strake quickly busies himself into the task of feasting on the stud’s yummy ramrod, gobbling on cock like it’s his life’s only purpose. Still not satisfied, the lad bounds onto rsquo Stone &;rides it with his ass like a bitch that is full-time and s shaft; before allowing his pal, hammering a thick wad of spunk in the process!

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