StraightMenInTrouble – Jaxton Wheeler – Celtic Stud – Complete

The muscular, young peasant stud, clad in the tartan kilt of the clan, finds himself bound and gagged from the barn to the farm where he has been laboring. Dazed and confused, he wonders what happened to him, even when a peculiar, masked guy approaches. The stud struggles to free himself as the guy slowly strips him showing a superbly muscled body , oiling. Fondling and massaging it as quietly removes the youthful garb.
The masked guy takes a wooden paddle and starts with a punishing beating the young stud’s ass, appearing to take pleasure in the pain he’s inflicting on the once proud young stud. His butt turns red and he yells out in pain as he fights to free himself. Then the guy switches to a leather paddle along with the young guy is shortly spat out loudly, screaming from the pain, humiliation and fear.
The Celtic peasant fights to free himself as the masked guy destroys his tender, red ass. He yells out in pain, his body spasms and jolts with each setback as he glanced in agony, his pathetic sobbing filling the barn. The guy requires a riding crop and continues as the stud shouts out in agony; his shouts a demented mixture of pain, anger and despair.
With the young stud laborer to a sawhorse, the masked guy takes a cane and then jolt to his toes, first above his sox, then right on his tender soles. The stud’s agonized screams fill the barn as he fights in vain to free himself. When he feels as though heorrsquo;s about to pass out of the pain, he promises to do anything, even if the masked guy will make it all stop.
The young warrior has made a bargain with the devil, and now he has to do the unthinkable to free himself out of this nightmare. The guy wants one to impale himself on a black, steel dildo on a pole. His face is full of fear and humiliation as he makes himself to slowly lower his tight, virgin hole on the metal penis, grunting in pain because the cold metal enters him.

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