TimFuck – Bone Ready – Scene 1 – First Load

When I got to Nate Grimes’ LA fuck pad, the first words out of his mouth were “Do I have to wait till we get to Palm Springs? I need it Now.”

We’re trained at Tim to always give men what they want, so I called up Ray Diesel to see if he could drive over and give NATE’s ass a warm-up pounding.

While waiting for Ray, Nate started pumping his hole with a dildo. When Ray arrived he wasted no time. He gave that hungry ass a powerfuck that would’ve destroyed any normal bung. But NATE’s ass only knows one word: more! Ray just shook his head, grabbed the slimy used dildo and gave Nate an improvised DP.

Afterward, as Nate was crowing about the big load swimming inside him, I told him that it was going to have to hold him till we got to Palm Springs.

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