TwinksInShorts – Joel Vargas and Alessandro Katz

After his first massage, Alessandro Katz was hooked. Since then he has had several. All by good-looking hunks of them. Alessandro is in for a treat. First, Joel invites Alessandro but well worth the trip. The hunk wastes little time in getting the twink stripped and face down. His hands slippery with oil, Joel goes out of his way to massage Alessandro’s back, legs and glutes. He even spreads the twink’s legs, pulling the uncut cock free. When Joel is done he flips Alessandro over and proceeds to run his slippery hands up and down the twink’s chest, abs, and legs. Joel then grabs hold of the cock of Alessandro and goes to town, tugging on his balls and stroking the tender flesh. Alessandro lies still as if he were afraid Joel might stop if the twink were to move. But never fear. Joel is there to present his buddy a hand giving the twink that is hung an handjob before the twink takes over and finishes himself off with a hefty, creamy finish!

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