UKHotJocks – Jonas Jackson

Big boy Jonas is candy piled and enchanting. We sit down and chat about the way he came to enter pornography he did a scene but today he’s back into the game! He’s a ex-forces lad the guy will speak to anybody, and with that comes a friendly and warm demeanour! He told us that the story of his trip over to our studios and he was talking to people on the train he got a compels discount although he didn’t mention it! Making warning and buddy hearts goes. Jonas seems like he knows how to deal with himself, tall, tanned and bulging with muscles anywhere! Hot, beefy and dark! He’s got a torso like a pair of bowling balls, fuzzy and perfectly trimmed. . And on that subject lets get to that big and muscular buttocks, if you enjoy seriously striking fuzzy glutes, his are a dream come true! Jonas also includes sweet eyes and such kind, big deep pools of blue. Displaying that tan and stripping from his vest he grabs himself through his shorts, then slipping them off to reveal some glowing red briefs. Even the briefs come off and that he’s stone tough, wanking himself and slipping his hands up his arse, he’s never satisfied. He moves to a locker to allow himself into some big blue toy to fulfill that arse that is striking! He squats down at riding and jerking away, he gets the idea rear up on to it and to stick on the dildo into some locker door. Sit back and taking it deep into his muscle buttocks till he blows!

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