UKnakedMen – Jason Smith & Dimitry Osten

Well Christmas is here and lets turn up the heat and the cheer with this scorcher as Jason Smith fucks Dmitry Osten, bareback, uncut cocks, and one of the thickest, juiciest cocks I have beheld in a long time, I mean its like a massive, dark bratwurst, we’re lucky Dmitry is this type of cum hungry cock-jockey. This cute little lad was raring to go and luved the girth, weight, duration of the massive tool that was the meaty matter in hand. Dmitry is on his knees, quite rightly worshipping that monster meat, with due praise. He sucks greedily, feeling it grow in his mouth as his eyes widen in disbelief at how big this thing gets. Jason is accustomed to handling reluctant passive partners and reassures his sexy sub-boy that it will all be fine – ‘just relax’ (and think of England. Dmitry pushes softly back feeling this arse open, warm and wide against the warmth of Jason’s huge dick, the foreskin slides back, to expose the bloated, gleaming helmet because his muscular fuck-chute slides back and back, straight up to those groaning bareback bollocks!

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