WH – Adam Cerny – EROTIC SOLO

Adam Cerny is outdated 25. This str8 guy works as a stripper and is out of Prague. In his free time he likes yoga sports and physical fitness. What a guy Adam is because he stays on the edge of the bed because of his interview and he looks really great. Adam stands and then removes his sweater to showcase a chest. He writhes because he opens his trousers and reaches inside. Turning, he still pushes the trousers down showing off his sexy ass. Then he removes the pnats to stand in his underwear and again turns. He reaches insdie and pulls on his cock. His cock is already getting hard since he stays on the bed and wanks it. Along with his thick balls bouncing between his thick thighs and his legs spread wide Adam has been wank. Laying back he shows his ass off and lifts his legs. The cheeks are spread wide because he keeps wanking his cock to expose Adam hole. Reaching for his ass cheeks before return to his wanking, he pulls them to elongate hole. He turns over, onto his knees and then reaches back once again to disperse that bum with the hole opening up just a little because he does so. Adam sits on the edge of the bed and then wanks his cock again and again shoots off a big, squirting cumshot. The strings of cum proceed as they take out of the throbbing cock. Then Adam goes off the to shower to wash up.

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